studio dress code

BE School of Dance implements a leotard dress code for all of our ballet classes.Students in each level of ballet will have approved leotard colors for their class.

Click here to view colors and more information!

**Exceptions** Lyrical/Contemporary and Adult Ballet classes will not have a leotard dress code. On Fridays, Ballet 3A, Ballet 4/5, and Advanced Ballet students are free to wear any leotard of their choosing. Ballet Etudes company members may wear any leotard of their choosing to rehearsals unless specified otherwise.

To see the list of approved leotards:
1) Visit
2) At the top left, click on FIND YOUR CLASS LIST
3) In the box which will appear, type TP47510 and click SEARCH
4) Next to "Currently Showing", you will see a drop-down list of each class. Select the name of the class you are searching for. IMPORTANT: Under "Currently Showing", you will see a note specifying which color leotard you will need to purchase from the approved items on that page.